PC: Changing the Chart Bar Colors

Kevin Herrholtz -

The chart bar colors can be changed through TurningPoint or PowerPoint.

To change the chart bar colors for the whole presentation through TurningPoint do the following:

  1. Click the Preferences button on the TurningPoint Toolbar.
    Make sure PowerPoint is selected on the left.
  2. Change Chart Colors to User Defined.
  3. Set the desired chart bar color for the 10 possible bars and the Defined Label Color.
  4. Click Close.
    All existing slides and new slides will have these colors for the chart bars.

    To change the chart bar colors on individual slides, click the chart object and make the changes in the Slide Preferences pane.

In PowerPoint users can change the first six chart bars for the whole presentation.

  1. Click the Design tab in PowerPoint.
    In Office 2013 click the menu drop down in the Variants section.
  2. Choose Colors --> Customize Colors
    Note: In Office 2010 click the Design tab-->Colors-->Create New Theme Colors
  3. Change the colors below to the desired color for each bar.
    Note: Only the first 6 chart bar colors can be changed using the PowerPoint color scheme.

    Chart Bar 1 = Accent 1
    Chart Bar 2 = Accent 2
    Chart Bar 3 = Hyperlink
    Chart Bar 4 = Followed Hyperlink
    Chart Bar 5 = Text/Background Light 2
    Chart Bar 6 = Text/Background Dark 2
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