Unsupported browser message when linking to the Turning Account website from an Office program

Kevin Herrholtz -

Clicking a link to https://account.turningtechnologies.com from inside an Office Program results in an “Unsupported Browser” message. This message will appear inside any browser (Chrome, FireFox, and Internet Explorer) even if the browser version is supported.

When a user clicks the link from inside an Office program Windows passes it as Internet Explorer 7, which is not a supported browser for the Turning Account website (Only IE version 10 or 11 are supported,) and causes our site to read it as an unsupported browser and displays this message.

Installing this fix from Microsoft resolves this issue: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/218153

Clicking the link from inside of a PDF does not yield the same result if the document with the link can be exported and utilized in a PDF format.

This issue is currently under review by our R&D Department.

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