Steps to Reserve a Session ID for ResponseWare

Kevin Herrholtz -

Users are required to use TurnnigPoint Cloud to reserve a Session ID for ResponseWare, which can then be used in TurningPoint 5.

  1. Go to
  2. Create or log into an existing Turning Account.
  3. Click Downloads on the left.
  4. Download the PC (or Mac) No Install version.
  5. Extract the files to a location on your local computer or external storage device (i.e. Flash Drive or External Hard Drive).
    Once extracted, open the folder and launch TurningPoint Cloud.
  6. Login to the user’s Turning Account.
  7. Click the "Click to Connect" link on the Dashboard under ResponseWare.
  8. Click the Reserve button.
  9. Set the Reserved Session ID (must be 4 to 14 characters and contain at least one letter).
  10. Click Reserve.
  11. Click the Start Session button to make sure it is able to connect.
  12. Click End Session to close the connection to ResponseWare.
  13. Click Close on the ResponseWare dialog.
  14. Close the TurningPoint Cloud Dashboard.
    You should then be able to use this Session ID in TurningPoint 5.

Once the Reserved Session ID is test and verified in TurningPoint 5 the TurningPoint Cloud folder can be removed, or kept to reserve Session IDs in the future.

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