Workaround for Updating Participant List

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Workaround for Updating Participant List

Turning Technologies recommends a workaround to make updating your participant work better, without having to download a new list all the time


Now try this workaround!

Instead of downloading a new participant list (like the newsletter said last week), update the list you normally would want updated, then drag a session file out from under the newly updated participant list and drop it into Auto (below your list). Then, once the session is in Auto, drag and drop it back to the list it belongs to. Taking the session out of your list, dropping it in Auto, then bringing it back into your list is supposed to append the data to the appropriate users.

Additional workaround for...

Instructors who use the classroom provided computer to conduct polling during class, but use a different/office computer to export grades to Blackboard after class - Turning Technologies now recommends NOT using/loading a participant list on the classroom computer before you start polling. Now, use Auto instead of loading in your participant list. Essentially, you aren't using a participant list in the classroom, which is fine. Using Auto in class will still collect the student's response data! Once you import the session into your TP Cloud in the office, your session will be assigned to Auto (below your participant list). You can simply drag the session out of Auto and drop it in the participant list you want the session associated with. That will sync all the correct response data with each student. Doing this will eliminate the need to do the workaround mentioned above, in the "Try This!" section.

Turning is saying that if the participant list used on the classroom computer doesn't exactly match the list being used on your office computer, some student data can get lost in translation when you bring the session back to your office. To eliminate that possibility, they are recommending using Auto in class.


I recommend dragging ALL your session files to Auto, then back into the participant list they belong to, to append the data to the appropriate users. After that, I recommend re-uploading all the sessions to Blackboard, so the student's that have been missing points due to participant list/update issues will get their points posted to Blackboard. Students who had no issues will still see their points fine after the re-upload. FYI - If the session file name you re-upload is the same name as the column heading in Blackboard Grade Center, the session column will refresh with data and not create a new column. A new column will be created if the session file you re-upload does not have the same name as the column heading already in the Grade Center.

The workarounds will potentially resolve a lot of issues of properly registered students not getting points.

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