General: Changing the Channel on RF Receivers in Device Manager

Kevin Herrholtz -

The clickers and receiver need to be set to the same channel to communicate.

  1. Plug the receiver in to an available USB port.
  2. Click the Turning Technologies icon in the notification area (PC)/Menu Extras area (Mac)and select eInstruction Device Manager.
  3. Select the receiver and then click the wrench icon .
    • PC: Alternatively, right-click on the receiver and select Properties from the menu.
    • Mac: Alternatively, double-click the image of the receiver.

    The Receiver Properties window opens.

  4. Locate (RR)RF Receiver Options and click the arrows next to Base Channel to adjust the channel number or click once on the channel number and use the keyboard to input a new channel number.
  5. Click OK to save the channel number.
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