What Will Happen to ResponseWare Administrator Accounts?

Kevin Herrholtz -

In order to protect participant and student data collected via ResponseWare, adjustments were made to the current application that no longer supports creation of presenter accounts by an account administrator. Single seat concurrent ResponseWare licenses are no longer required for presenters. All free presenter accounts now include the ability to present and respond to your own session so you can test your presentation without requiring a license.

For previously existing presenter accounts, all presenters received an email with a link to migrate their account to the latest version of ResponseWare. Presenters must click this link to have their licenses transferred to the new ResponseWare.

For new presenter accounts, administrators will no longer be able to create presenter accounts for other users. Instead, each presenter must create their own account. If you choose to create accounts for presenters, you can still do so by signing up for a new presenter account at account.turningtechnologies.com and using their e-mail address. However, these accounts will not be linked to your account in any way. Encourage each of your presenters to create an account at account.turningtechnologies.com.

Concurrent account administration is no longer a feature in ResponseWare, but can be found within the Turning Account portal at account.turningtechnologies.com. This feature is only available for legacy concurrent administrators.

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