Testing the Mobi or DualBoard Pen Battery

Kevin Herrholtz -

The digital pen uses a special rechargeable AAAA NiMH battery that typically lasts over a year with normal use.

  1. To access the pen battery, press the notch between the charging rings and the flat end (on the back side of the pen) and gently slide off the cap.

    Locate the cylindrical green battery inside of the pen.

  2. Gently remove the battery and check for any battery disconnection or corrosion and replace the battery without replacing the end cap.

    Gently rub the ends of the battery with an eraser to check for any light corrosion, which may not be easily visible to the naked eye.)

  3. Press the pen tip. The pen LED will flash four times if the battery was correctly inserted.
  4. Align the ridges within the rear to the slots in the front section.
  5. Slide the two sections together until the tab re-engages.
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