Whiteboards: Calibrating the Touch Board (Windows 7 and Windows 8)

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You must have administrative privileges to perform the Touch Board 16 pt. calibration. After the initial 16 pt. calibration, a 4 pt. calibration can be performed by a non-administrative user. If you do not have administrative privileges, contact your IT department.

  1. From your computer, right-click the Turning Technologies icon in the notification area.
  2. Select eInstruction Device Manager.

    The Device Manager window opens.

  3. Right/control-click the Touch Board device from the Device Manager window.
  4. Click Touch Settings.

    The Tablet PC Settings window opens.

  5. From the Tablet PC Settings window, click Calibrate.

    If the Touch Board has been previously calibrated, click Reset to erase previously stored calibration data.

  6. Touch each target as it appears on the board.
  7. After the calibration, you must save the calibration data by clicking Yes from your keyboard or mouse.

    This calibration only needs to be performed once. If the Touch Board and/or projector is moved, you must perform both calibrations again. See Calibrating the Touch Board via Device Manager.

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