Pulse 360/Spark 360: Changing the Sticker ID

Kevin Herrholtz -

Each Pulse 360 and Spark 360 clicker comes preset with a sticker ID that corresponds to the sticker on the top of the clicker. To change the ID, follow the steps below.

  1. If on, turn off the clicker.
  2. Turn on or "wake up" the clicker.
  3. Immediately press 3 4 3 4.

    This has to be entered right after the clicker turns on. If unsuccessful, turn the clicker off and try again.


    Press the keys at a steady tempo, but not too fast.

  4. Sticker ID: appears on screen. Enter the new three digit ID.

    001 for sticker ID 1.

    Use the left and right arrows to navigate the clickers. On Spark 360 clickers, use the plus (+) and minus (–) buttons to change numbers.


Verify that the Join Code on the clickers matches the Join Code on the receiver. To change the Join Code on the receiver, see Changing the Join Code for Pulse 360/Spark360 Receiver.

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