Pulse 360/Spark 360: Updating Firmware

Kevin Herrholtz -

  1. Plug the receiver into a working USB port.


    If receiver also has an available update, perform the update on the receiver FIRST before updating theclickers.

  2. Open Insight 360.
  3. Turn on the Pulse 360/Spark 360 clickers.
  4. Turn on your Mobi 360.
  5. Start an anonymous class from the Mobi 360 by tapping Teach Class > Anonymous > Start Class.
  6. Tap Question on the bottom navigation bar.

    The following message is displayed: You have one or more response pads that require an update. Would you like to update them now?

  7. Tap Yes.
  8. On the clicker screen, Receiving is displayed with a progress bar. When the progress bar reaches 100%, Check CRC is displayed on the clicker screen. The clicker then reboots.

    If both Pulse 360 and Spark 360 devices are connected, the Spark 360 clickers will update first. Once the Spark 360 devices update, the Pulse 360 clickers begin to update.

    When turned back on, Update Complete is displayed on the clicker screen.

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