General: Testing the Polling Connections in Device Manager

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The polling test is used to ensure that each response device can communicate with Device Manager and any program that uses Device Manager.


Ensure the receiver is properly installed and the compatible clickers to be tested are available.

  1. Plug the receiver into an available USB port and open Device Manager from the notification area (PC) /Menu Extra area (Mac) .
  2. Click the image of the receiver.
  3. Click the Tools icon.

    The Receiver Properties window appears.

  4. Click the Test tab.

  5. Click Start Receiver.

    The receiver channel is indicated in the field next to Join <XX>.

  6. Press a button on any compatible clicker.

  7. If the response and clicker information appear in the Properties window, the clickers and receiver are communicating properly with Device manager.
  8. Click OK to close the Properties window and return to Device Manager.

Common Issues

Response SystemIssueResolution
RF receiver and clickers The receiver channel and clicker channels do not match.

Change the receiver channel to the same channel as the clickers. See Changing the Channel on RF Receivers.

IR receiver and clickers Clickers have dead batteries. Change the batteries in the clickers and try the polling test again.
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