General: Establishing a Bluetooth Connection

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Turning Technologies products like the Interwrite Board, DualBoard and SchoolPad are just a few devices that can connect using bluetooth technology, with the assistance of the eInstruction Device Manager. The eInstruction Device Manager can be accessed by clicking the icon in the notification area and selecting eInstruction Device Manager. Connection through Device Manager does not require a pass-key.

  1. Plug the bluetooth receiver into a working USB port on your PC.

    Direct line-of-sight is not required. Rear USB ports are acceptable.

  2. Turn on the SchoolPad 400.

    At this time, the SP400 should beep four (4) times. The bluetooth receiver should also flash every time the device beeps.

  3. Click the Turning Technologies icon in the notification area and select eInstruction Device Manager.

    Device Manager opens.

  4. Select the appropriate device (if the device is recognized, it will have a green checkmark).
  5. Click the Add Bluetooth Device icon.

    The Add Bluetooth Device window displays.

  6. Click Scan for Devices.

    Alternatively, enter the device's bluetooth address into the Enter or Choose Bluetooth Address field and click Connect.

    The bluetooth address appears after a few seconds. If more than one address appears, other bluetooth devices are in the vicinity.

  7. Match the address to the address that appears in the Enter or Choose Bluetooth Address field.
  8. The SP400 appears in the Device Manager window with a green checkmark.

For more information on Bluetooth technology, see Troubleshooting Bluetooth Technology.

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