Whiteboards: Calibrating the Touch Board or Touch Board Plus via Device Manager

Kevin Herrholtz -

Recommended for OS X and Linux platforms, as well as PC users who need to recalibrate Touch Board/Touch Board Plus.

The steps below walk you through performing a calibration via Device Manager. Aside from using these steps on an OS X or Linux platform, you can also perform them on a PC if you moved the Touch Board . It is strongly recommended to recalibrate the Touch Board/Touch Board Plus if the board or projector has been moved.


If an error occurs during the calibration process, end the process and start over.

  1. From your computer, right click/control-click the Turning Technologies icon in the notification area (PC)/Menu Extras area (Mac) or Dash Home (Linux 14.04 users).
  2. Select eInstruction Device Manager.

    The Device Manager window opens.

  3. Select the Touch Board/Touch Board Plus device from the Device Manager window.
  4. Select the Calibrate icon from the toolbar.

    The Calibration window opens.

  5. Touch each target as it appears on the board.

    For optimal accuracy, use a Touch Board/Touch Board Plus pen during the calibration process.


In addition to the Device Manager calibration, Windows 7 and 8 requires a second calibration when using the Touch Board independent of WorkSpace.

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