Whiteboards: DualBoard Calibration is Not Completing on MacBook Pro

Kevin Herrholtz -

Issue: Some MacBook Pro users have reported the following issue when performing the DualBoard calibration:

Calibration starts and progresses normally until the last “target” is touched. After that, the blue calibration screen does not close. In order to end calibration, the user must Force Quit the Device Manager application.

This issue has only been reported on MacBook Pro laptops running OS Lion (10.7) and using an Apple mini display VGA adaptor (Model A1307).


  1. Update the VGA adaptor firmware and/or driver if possible. You will need to contact Apple Support to determine if a firmware update or new version of the driver is available. -OR-
  2. Change the projector resolution to 1024x768 60 Hz or lower. -OR-
  3. Instead of using the analog (VGA) adaptor, use a digital (DVI, HDMI) adaptor. -OR-
  4. Use a different display adaptor. One specific device that is verified to work correctly is the Cirago Mini Displayport to VGA Active Adaptor (DPA2011), although it is likely that there are other similar devices that will work just as well. -OR-
  5. Upgrade the OS to Mountain Lion (10.8)
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