Pulse 360/Spark 360: Clickers Require Firmware Update for Self-Paced Test

Kevin Herrholtz -

The Insight 360 version 2.0 release includes a firmware update for the individual Pulse 360 and Spark 360 clickers that is required in order for the devices to work correctly during self-paced tests.

Since the update can only be performed when a class is started using the Mobi 360 or Insight 360 Teacher iPad App, users frequently encounter issues when a self-paced test is engaged after the software is updated. If a self-paced test is engaged before the firmware update is performed on the Pulse 360 or Spark 360 clickers, the clickers display numbers on the screen instead of letters during Multiple Choice questions. To resolve this issue, update the firmware on the clickers by following the steps in this article. Once the firmware has been updated, the issue that occurs during self-paced tests will be resolved.

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