ResponseCard NXT: Error, No Link Up after Responding to Numeric Response Questions

Kevin Herrholtz -

When operating in presentation mode while answering a multi-digit numeric response type question, it is possible to force the NXT into a "No Linkup" state whenever the enter or OK button is pressed from that question type. This occurs after approximately 20 numeric response questions are polled. This issue occurs with firmware version 1.0.1.

This issue is resolved with the ResponseCard NXT firmware version 1.1.1. The firmware can be updated using the Hardware Updater. The Hardware Updater can be downloaded from our website and installed on a PC.


The Hardware Updater is not compatible with Mac computers.

For more information on updating your ResponseCard NXT, see the Hardware Updater Student Guide.

It is recommended to update your device to the most current firmware version. However, if updating is not possible, you must remove the batteries from the device, wait 10 seconds and insert the batteries again. This effectively "reboots" the clicker until approximately 20 answers are reached. If the clicker enters the "No Link" state again, you must either update or "reboot" the device.

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