Mobi 360: Updating

Kevin Herrholtz -

If your computer is connected to the internet, Insight 360 periodically checks for firmware updates for connected devices. When an update is available, an alert is displayed in the Message Center on the Insight 360 Home tab.

Alerts can also be seen on the Device Management screen and on the Mobi 360 screen.


  • Ensure all battery powered devices have ample battery life before starting the upgrade.
  • Do not remove the receiver from the computer until Insight 360 notifies you that it is safe to do so.
  • Do not disconnect the receiver, or turn off any clickers, while the upgrade is in process.
  • Close all instances of Turning Technologies software, including Device Manager.
  1. Plug the receiver into a working USB port.
  2. Turn on the Mobi 360.
  3. Open Insight 360.
  4. Click the Update link in the Message Center.
  5. Click OK to continue with the update.
  6. Progress bars display the status of the update.
  7. When the update is complete, click OK.
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