Mobi: Using Multiple Screen Mapping

Kevin Herrholtz -

Although WorkSpace can only function on the primary screen in a multiple display, it is possible to change which screen the Mobi or DualBoad has control over by changing the mapping setting in Device Manager. This is useful if you are trying to use the Mobi to access items on the secondary screen of your multiple display.

  1. Click the Turning Technologies icon in the notification area (PC)/Menu Extras area (Mac)/Dash Home (Linux Ubuntu 14.04) and select eInstruction Device Manager.

    Device Manager opens.

  2. Select the appropriate device and click the Properties icon.

    The Properties window opens.

  3. Click the Mapping tab.
  4. Select the display you wish to use.

    It is possible to select both screens, however, the Mobi writing area will be divided in half so that one side of the Mobi controls one screen and the other side of the Mobi controls the other screen. The aspect ratio on the Mobi becomes quite skewed in this configuration and can be a bit confusing at first.

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