Unable to Export Session

Kevin Herrholtz -

  • The session does not have a Maximum Point Value set. A point value is required in order to create the grade column in the LMS.  If there is no point value the LMS rejects the export.
  • Remove special characters from the session name. Refer to the Help guide in TurningPoint for instructions.
  • The participant list may not include up-to-date enrollment. The LMS can reject the export if it includes students that are not enrolled in the course. Updating the participant list will retrieve up-to-date enrollment from the LMS.


Updating the Participant List

        1. Open TurningPoint.
        2. From the Manage tab, select a participant list and click Results Manager.
        3. Click the Integrations icon.
          The Connect to Integration window opens.
        4. Select the Integration from the Integration drop-down menu.
        5. If connecting to the Turning Account Registration website, the Server Address, Username and Password are automatically populated. If connecting to an LMS, enter the Server Address, Username and Password.
        6. If applicable, select an Institution from the Select an Institution drop-down menu.
        7. Click Connect.
        8. Optionally, select Remember this information to have the LMS, Server Address and User Name stored for future use.
          The Update with Integration window opens.
        9. Select Update Participant List and click Update List.
        10. Click OK at the prompt.
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