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The Workspace Windows install has been separated into two components:

  • English install
  • Non-English language pack installs

The English install contains WorkSpace PC Help (PDF format), but does not include the 48 language help files or the associated hand recognition for the 48 languages. Due to this separation, the WorkSpace PC English install has been significantly reduced in size to around 200MB. As prior, all users were required to install all 48 language packs which were each approximately 40MB in size. The non-English language pack install is comprised of 48 individual install files which contain all components required to localize WorkSpace PC into a specified language. Each of the 48 WorkSpace localized language packs now have a separate install and will be accessible here. For users accessing WorkSpace PC in one of the 48 supported languages, a link to the download page will be provided within a localized message at the time of install. Going forward, WorkSpace PC and each of the 48 language packs will be released concurrently. Please note that in order to provide concurrent US and International releases, ALL Help files developed for new features, including US English Help files, will be updated in the following quarter's maintenance release.

Available Language Packs

Arabic Czech German Kazakh Russian Tamil
Azerbaijani Danish Greek Korean Serbian Telugu
Bengali Dutch Hausa Nigeria Norwegian Slovak Thai
Bulgarian English (Canadian) Hebrew Polish Slovenian Turkish
Catalan English (UK) Hindi (India) Portuguese (Brazilian) Spanish (LA) Turkmen
Chinese - Simplified Euskera Hungarian Portuguese Spanish Ukrainian
Chinese - Traditional French Italian Punjabi Swedish Urdu (India)
Croatian Galician Japanese Romanian Swiss  

How to change the language in WorkSpace...

  1. From the WorkSpace toolbar, click the Main Menu icon and select Preferences.

    The Preferences window opens.

  2. Click the Transparency and Language tab.
  3. Select the radio button next to the Language drop-down menu.
  4. Select the appropriate language.
  5. Click OK.
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