Copying and Pasting Questions from Word or Notepad into ExamView

Kevin Herrholtz -

It is possible to type Multiple Choice questions in a word processing program, such as Word or Notepad, and then copy and paste them into ExamView.

  1. Type the question and answer choices in Word or Notepad.

    Use the following format:


    a. answer 1

    b. answer 2

    c. answer 3

    d. answer 4

  2. Highlight the question and answer choices.
  3. With the question and answer choices highlighted, simultaneously press the Ctrl + C (PC)/ Cmd + C (Mac) keys on your keyboard.
  4. Paste the text into the Multiple Choice Question Edit window using the F7 key on your keyboard.

    If you experience an issue pasting into ExamView, verify the following:

    • You used the F7 key, not Ctrl + V/Cmd + V
    • There are no hidden tabs or extra spaces in your Word document. If you think this may be the case, it is recommended to paste the Word text into Notepad and then copy the text from Notepad into ExamView.
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