Upgrading Pulse and Spark Devices for Use with Insight 360

Kevin Herrholtz -

There are three major parts to upgrading Pulse and Spark clickers and the Pulse receiver:

  • Preparing the receiver
  • Upgrading the clickers
  • Resetting the receiver

Once a device is upgraded to Insight 360, it cannot be used in its original configuration. For example, clickers that have been upgraded to become Pulse 360 or Spark 360 devices cannot be used with a MobiView unless the MobiView is upgraded to a Mobi 360.


Remove all Turning Technologies devices from the computer and close Device Manager (if you utilize other Turning Technologies applications). Ensure that all devices have ample battery life before starting the upgrade process.


If you are upgrading on a Mac, refer to Upgrading on a Mac.

  1. Insert the Pulse receiver into a working USB port.

    Only upgrade one receiver at a time.

  2. Open Insight 360.
  3. Click My Settings in the upper right corner.
  4. Click Upgrade to Insight 360.
  5. Click Upgrade Your Response Pads and Receiver to Insight 360.
  6. Click Start.

    A warning appears

  7. Click OK to confirm the upgrade.
  8. Click Start Upgrade.

    Do NOT disconnect the receiver while the upgrade is in progress.

  9. When the receiver is prepared, a new dialog box appears with a Join Code. Turn on all clickers to be upgraded and enter the Join Code.
  10. ClickStart Upgrade when the number of Response Pads Connected reaches the actual number of clickers to be upgraded.
  11. When the upgrade is complete, click Next.
  12. Once the receiver is reset, click Finish.

    Turn off the upgraded clickers and disconnect the receiver.

See also: Upgrading MobiView and Mobi RF Receiver for Use with Insight 360

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