Issues Registering or Updating Caused by Firewall

Kevin Herrholtz -

In order to successfully register or update the Insight 360 software, your network firewall must allow communication between your computer and the Insight 360 server. If you experience any of the following issues, it is most likely due to your network firewall blocking communication:

  • District list does not populate when registering Insight 360 software
  • Error messages when registering
  • Error messages when updating firmware or software

To test your computer's communication with the Insight 360 server, go to:

The link should direct you to a page that looks like:

If the page looks different than the above image, it is an indication that communication to the Insight 360 server is blocked somewhere on the network. To resolve this issue, have your Network Administrator change the firewall settings to allow communication with the following server:

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