Insight 360 Hardware is Not Detected

Kevin Herrholtz -

Pulse 360 or Spark 360 receivers, the Mobi 360 receiver or Pulse 360/Spark 360 clickers are not detected in Insight 360.

Device Manager automatically starts and operates in the background of the computer, establishing communication between Turning Technologies hardware and software. Device Manager is necessary for CPS, ExamView, Flow, Response and WorkSpace, however it is NOT compatible with Insight 360.

Close Device Manager.

  1. Click the Turning Technologies icon in the notification area (PC)/Menu Extras area (Mac)/Dash Home (Linux Ubuntu 14.04).
  2. Select Exit.

    If you are no longer using CPS, ExamView, Flow, Response or WorkSpace, consider uninstalling Device Manager. To uninstall Device Manager on a PC, navigate to the Control Panel and select Add/Remove Programs. To uninstall Device Manager on a Mac, see Uninstalling Device Manager versions 7.3 or Higher, Uninstalling Device Manager versions 6.70.636.0 and Below, or Uninstalling Device Manager versions or Prior. If you do not know the version of Device Manager installed on your computer, see Determining the Version of Device Manager.

    If you do not wish to uninstall Device Manager, but do not want it to start each time your computer is turned on, refer to Disabling Device Manager from Automatically Starting.

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