ExamView Questions with Narratives in Insight 360

Kevin Herrholtz -

An ExamView narrative, also referred to as a reading passage, is a table, descriptive passage, special instruction, image, or other piece of information that can be attached to (or linked to) one or more questions. An example of a narrative is a reading test that has a short story and questions based on the story. In ExamView, the short story is entered as a narrative and the questions related to the story are linked to the narrative.

When using ExamView questions with narratives in Insight 360, it is important to note that the narrative appears at the top of the question. The narrative can be toggled on or off to display content during a teacher-led assessment as well as on the Insight 360 Student app during a self-paced test. Content that is displayed in the narrative field in ExamView is also displayed in Insight 360, however hyperlinks only work during a teacher-led assessment. Hyperlinks do not work in the Insight 360 Student app to prevent students from exiting the test. Rather than link a PDF, for example, copy and paste the text directly into the narrative or convert the PDF to an image and then insert the image into the narrative.

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