Upgrading Hardware to Work with Insight 360 on Mac

Kevin Herrholtz -

When upgrading hardware (MobiView, Mobi RF receiver, Pulse, Spark, Pulse receiver) to work with Insight 360, or when updating the firmware of these same devices on Mac, you will be prompted to contact Technical Support for assistance if Device Manager is installed on the computer. This article describes the necessary process for performing the upgrade/update.

The firmware upgrade/update for Insight 360 on Mac requires the removal of certain files associated with Device Manager. Based on the version of Device Manager installed on your computer, one of the following processes must be used to remove the files:

Before removing the files, you must determine the version of Device Manager installed on the computer.

After Device Manager is removed from the computer, perform the hardware upgrade.


Upgrading hardware to work with Insight 360 is a one-way process. For more information, refer to Upgrading Devices.

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