WorkSpace and WorkSpace Connect Incompatibility

Kevin Herrholtz -

WorkSpace Connect 1.0 (version 1)

Compatible with:

  • WorkSpace 9.2 for PC
  • WorkSpace 6.1 for Mac

When using WorkSpace Connect 1.0 (version 1) with a newer version of WorkSpace, the following may occur:

iOS (iPad):

When connected to WorkSpace 9.3 or 6.2, the iPad displays a black screen with a "Dismiss" error. The WorkSpace icon displays on the iPad; the user can select tools from WorkSpace Connect and use them in WorkSpace, but can not see them on the iPad. After a short time WorkSpace Connect crashes.


When Workspace Connect 1.0 (version 1) is used with WorkSpace 9.3 or 6.2, the Android screen does not display the WorkSpace pages or the annotations on the page; only the computer desktop is displayed. All tools seem to work and there have been no reports of WorkSpace Connect crashing. On the Android screen, annotations are visible but eventually disappear.

WorkSpace Connect 1.0 (version 2)

Compatible with:

  • WorkSpace 9.3 for PC
  • WorkSpace 6.2 for Mac

When WorkSpace Connect 1.0 (version 2) is used with WorkSpace 9.2 for PC or 6.1 for Mac, WorkSpace Connect displays an "Incompatible version of WorkSpace" error.

The resolution is to update WorkSpace.

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