State Standards Not Attached to Imported ExamView Tests in CPS

Kevin Herrholtz -

You created an ExamView test utilizing state standards and the standards are not staying associated after importing the test into CPS.

Within ExamView, all users have the ability to download and create tests based on their state standards. For these standards to work properly, you must match the state standard you have selected to the same state when you registered your ExamView software. CPS also has this ability but if these states do not match, there will be issues importing the test.

  1. Open the Test Generator and the test with the associated standards.
  2. Click Edit and select Preferences.

    The Preferences window opens.

  3. Click the General tab.
  4. In the Personal Information options, verify that the correct state is selected in the State/Region field.
  5. Click Save as Default and OK.
  6. Save and close the ExamView test.
  7. Open CPS.
  8. Click Settings and select ExamView Settings.

    The ExamView Options window opens.

  9. Verify that the correct state is selected in the State drop-down.
  10. Click OK.
  11. Delete the previous imported ExamView test with associated standards.
  12. Re-import the test.

    The standards now appear.

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