Exporting to Moodle

Kevin Herrholtz -

Using ExamView you can export tests and question banks to a format that can be brought into Moodle. This feature gives you the flexibility to create questions in ExamView and then deliver them online via Moodle.

ExamView does not yet offer a Moodle-native export format. However, test and question bank questions can be uploaded to a Moodle LMS using another format that is already available.

Because Moodle is an open source software package, it is continually evolving through its active community of contributing developers. It is recommended that your Moodle installation is updated to the most recent stable version. For the latest information regarding known issues, recommended workaround, and code fixes, check the Using Moodle forums at moodle.org. The forum for the Quiz module under the Moodle modules - help and discussion category is especially useful.

Moodle Question Support and Known Issues

Please refer to Importing Question Content into Moodle in the ExamView Test Generator User Guide.

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