Exporting to ANGEL 7.4

Kevin Herrholtz -

Using ExamView 8, it is possible to export directly to ANGEL 7.4.

  1. Build or open a test/question bank in ExamView Test Generator.

    ANGEL does not support all ExamView question types. For details, see the question type support mapping table.

  2. From the File menu, click Publish and select Angel.
  3. Select a server profile from the list or create a new profile.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Complete the publish options.
    1. Select the ANGEL course from the drop-down menu.
    2. Enter a quiz/assessment title.
    3. Select one of the three following formatting options. The best option depends on the type of formatting required by the questions in your test or question bank. These options are not available when exporting from ExamView Mac.
      • HTML - Maintains as much formatting as possible; supports fonts, tables, images, etc.
      • HTML without any fonts - Maintains all formatting except font face and size settings. The font used to display each question depends on the settings specified by ANGEL and/or your browser.
      • HTML without default fonts - This is a combination of the first two options. With this option, ExamView does not set the initial font unless the user specifies a new font other than the default font.
    4. Optionally, complete additional ANGEL publishing settings by clicking Settings.
  6. Click OK.

For further help, refer to ANGEL in the ExamView Test Generator User Guide.

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