Adjusting the Spacing Between Questions

Kevin Herrholtz -

There is not enough space for answers to problems, Short Answer questions or Essay questions. The appropriate boxes for these question types have been selected (checked) in the answer space area, however no additional space is added between questions.

Resolution 1: Adjust the formatting of the entire test

  1. Open the Test Builder.
  2. Open the test.
  3. Click Test and select Layout.

    The Preferences window opens.

  4. Below Question Spacing, adjust the spacing. Default spacing is set to 6 pt. Maximum spacing is 150 pts.
  5. Click OK.

Resolution 2: Adjust the spacing for each individual Short Answer or Essay question

  1. Open the Test Builder.
  2. Open the test.
  3. Double-click the question you would like to add space to.
  4. At the bottom of the Question Editing window, click Info.

    The Question Information window opens.

  5. Select the Manual radio button next to Answer Space to adjust the spacing. Maximum spacing is 720 pts.
  6. Click OK.
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