Testing for Network Multicast (Mobi 360 and iPad)

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Since the iPad makes use of the general wireless network available in most schools, a new strategy for pairing the iPad with the instructor's desktop computer needed to be developed. Normally, the Mobi 360 teacher device can be pair with the computer by linking the Mobi 360 proprietary receiver with the Mobi 360. The Mobi 360 teacher device remembers the connection from that point forward. However, the iPad Insight 360 Teacher App accomplishes this by bringing up a list of all computers on the network that are currently running a copy of Insight 360 with the iPad feature enabled. This allows a simple teacher experience of choosing their computer and pairing the connection.

In order for Insight 360 to scan the network quickly to find all copies of the Insight 360 software, the IGMP network multicast protocol is used. This allows an efficient process for gathering the list of potential hosts over a large network. Not all school networks support this capability out of the box so the utility discussed below from Singlewire can be used to test your network for this capability.


A company called Singlewire provides a free Windows utility to facilitate multicasting network testing. It is available for download at the following address:


Shortly after filling out the contact information form, an email will be sent to you with a link to the software. When you open the ZIP file, go to the Multicast Tester folder and copy the file namedIC_Tester_Mcast_v02.exe to your test computer.

Mac OS X uses multicast by default with Bonjour and has built-in tools for testing as part of the operating system.

Setting Up the Test

The key to setting up the test is to ensure that multicasting is working from end to end. You will need to test multicasting capability from the instructor's desktop through your network and over your Wi-Fi network to where an iPad would normally connect. To simulate this, you will need to load this utility on a computer connected to the network where the teacher’s is also connected. Next, you will need to load a second copy of the utility on a computer connected to the Wi-Fi network where you expect an iPad to be connected.


If you receiving error messages such as No multicast traffic or The client and server are not communicating, one or more of your networks may be unable to provide multicasting services. Since the variation in network configurations and equipment prevent Turning Technologies from providing useful information on enabling multicasting, we suggest you work with your IT providers to determine the best solution.

Alternative to Enabling Multicast

The Insight 360 Teacher app can work without using multicast, however the user has to manually enter his/her IP address. The iPad remembers the address, but dynamic IP allocation may require the user to re-type it from time to time. To quickly find your IP address, refer to these topics: How to Find Your IP Address (PC) or How to Find Your IP Address (Mac).

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