Troubleshooting Insight 360 and Insight 360 Teacher App Connection Issues

Kevin Herrholtz -

The Insight 360 Teacher app for iPad relies on a network connection between the iPad and the computer that is running the Insight360 software. A basic network Ping test can be performed to check network connectivity between the two devices.

  1. Obtain the iPad's IP address and the router's IP address.
    1. On the iPad Home Screen, tap Settings.
    2. From the Settings menu, tap WiFi.
    3. Select the network in which the iPad is connected. Depending on the iOS version, you may have to tap the blue arrow next to the network name.

      The iPad IP address and the router IP address both appear on the next screen. You will need this information to perform the Ping Test.

  2. After you have obtained both IP addresses, you will need to obtain the computer's IP address.
  3. Perform the Ping Test.
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