Importing a CPS Roster into Insight 360

Kevin Herrholtz -


These steps were created using CPS version 6.71 and Insight 360 version 1.0.

  1. Open CPS.
  2. Click the Prepare tab and select Classes & Students.
  3. Select the class from the Class Name window.
  4. Click Export.

    The Export Class window opens.

  5. Browse to the location where you would like to save the exported CSV file and click Save.
  6. Open Insight 360.
  7. Click the My Classes tab.
  8. Click the New Class icon.
  9. Enter the necessary class information.
  10. Click the Student Import tab.
  11. Click Start Import.
  12. Select the class and click Next.
  13. Click the ... icon and browse to the location of the exported CPS CSV file.
  14. From the Use Predefined Mapping? drop-down menu, select New Mapping.
  15. Click Next.
  16. Set the column headers as follows:
    • First Name - first column
    • Last Name - second column
    • Student Id - third column
    • Not Used - all other columns
  17. Adjust the number of top rows to import from 0 to 1.
  18. Click Next.
  19. Review the roster to verify that the data is correctly mapped. Click Previous to make adjustments or Finish Import to proceed.
  20. Enter CPS as the Mapping Name and click the Save Mapping button.
  21. A confirmation window appears. Click OK.
  22. Click My Classes to view the imported roster.
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