Importing a CPS Lesson into Insight 360

Kevin Herrholtz -

A CPS lesson cannot be imported directly into Insight 360. The lesson must be imported into ExamView, which is native to Insight.

  1. Open ExamView Test Generator.
  2. Click Close on the Welcome Screen window.

  3. Click File, mouse over Import and select CPS Lesson.

  4. Browse to the CPS database and click Open.

    The Import CPS window opens.

  5. Select the lesson to import and click OK.
  6. Review the imported lesson.
  7. Click File and select Save As.
  8. Enter a name for the test and click Save.

    It is recommended that you save the test in the default Tests folder:

    • Mac - Applications > eInstruction > ExamView > Tests
    • PC - C:\Program Files (x86)\eInstruction\ExamView\Tests
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