Answer Key Test Files

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Answer Key tests contain a file that houses all of the test's questions. The file can be printed for students using clickers or Insight 360 Web Access. If students are using the Insight 360 Student app for iPad, the file is sent digitally to the student’s tablet where they can browse the questions directly on while taking the quiz or test.

The Answer Key test file, usually in Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat format, is typically located on the computer's hard drive. However, the file may reside anywhere where the operating system can access it. Often, it may be convenient or necessary to keep files in locations other than the computer’s hard drive. The question file can be stored on a network drive, or on a folder that is setup with a file sharing service like Dropbox or Google Drive.


Ensure that the file you link to does in fact have a local copy. A URL to a cloud-based document in your Dropbox account will not work because your operating system cannot locate the document unless you log in with your account name and password. As a rule, if you can double-click on it and open it, then you can use it as an Answer Key test file. Browse to the file from the My Tests tab when you create the Answer Key (see below).

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